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Do you know which metric works for your business?

Many businesses invest tons of money in digital marketing, SEO and Instagram influencers only to know that they don’t impact their business growth much. 

Our idea is simple, start small and optimize data levers for growth and then invest where business is the strongest for solid ROI.

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SEO optimization that works

With tons of data available in internet age, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by it. Most business owners don't know what in their online content marketing works and what not. We take lead in such situation to simplify the data to make it actionable.

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All in one data visualization

Most business owners have multiple dashboards to look at such as Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console before they can analyze the business situation or even cash-flow. We keep all important metrics in one data visualization to know the progress at instant.

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Invest and optimize

We're also aware of the compound effect that takes place when businesses ignore small things such as updating their website or email marketing campaign strategy. We aim to find the most important data points as soon as possible to invest in them for growth.

Eliminating the haphazard look on online content marketing

We believe that businesses should not look or measure their data haphazardly as part of their routine work. We make sure to look at each piece of data whether its from SEO, Email Marketing, Content marketing or even from Facebook ads manager with detail to identify a certain buying pattern in it.

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Higher Conversions

Managing the data leads to higher conversion according our proven practices.

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Save on Acquisition

Customer acquisition cost goes down when you do marketing efficiently.

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Increase Growth Ability

Growth ability can increase up to 5 times.

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Social influence

Social influence matters more when you know what you are aiming for.

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Activity Notifications

Important metric notifications can make actions fast.

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Email Marketing Journeys

Automate best email marketing campaignss to gather more data.

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Data Triggers

Some data triggers such as "Send an automatic greeting on customer's birthday" do wonders.

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Live Data Visibility

Real time data visibility on custom dashboards.

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Customer identifications

Know where your customers are coming from and why.

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Custom Rules

Make custom rules to optimize data marketing.

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Mobile First

Aiming for mobile first growth.

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Around the globe research

We research according to your local demographic for your business.

Testimonials & Reviews

Some testimonials we have received from our clients over time. We're glad that we had been of any help.

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Abbas Ali Founder & CEO of GoYzer CRM

Dynamic, energetic and talented bunch of people! Taaglio Consulting has the capacity to elevate your business to the next level.

Victor Iwunwa Founder - GIVMANN

Great work! Very dedicated, clear and precise. I recommend them!

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Ronnie J Founder - Confidential

They are good at SEO game. My website went through the increase in traffic of about 200% with them. The details were well explained and timely. Proficient with Google tools and search console. recommended.

    SEO Optimization, Email Marketing & Content Building - Fulfillment is our top priority

    Fulfillment is our top priority when it comes to client satisfaction and relationship building.


    Optimize the data for your business growth


    Drive your business decisions with confidence backed by data.


    Data driven content marketing

    Instead of drowning in Google Analytics or Ads manager data, we will make your custom metrics such as growth per month (GPM) to make it simple.


    Following the KISS principle (Keep it simple stupid) 


    Fast progress doesn’t happen overnight, it is the result of slow and right decisions taken in the past.

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    Using data analytics in digital marketing

    Understanding the data can eventually help you in expanding your business. If we can see that your major chunk of sign-ups are coming from X location then we can advise you to think about expanding in X location. 

    Hustle the smart way


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